My mother is one of those mothers who want her children to excel in everything. And when I said everything, I meant everything. Thus, I was experiencing quite a, errr, delighting childhood. But then again, that is what every parent would want, so am not gonna complain anything about that. Only showing a minor delinquency perhaps.

I could read when I was 3 years old and immediately fell in love with Doraemon. Spoke bilingual at 5, yet still cannot master the sundanese until now.  Anyhow, in a young age I could easily done almost anything because of the support from my mother. She told me to use this association method whenever I have difficulty memorizing a lesson or anything. Like when I have to memorize the planets name. It goes: MaMerVenBuMarJuSaUrNePlu. Matahari, Mercury, Venus, Bumi, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. (Pluto was still a planet back then)

It works magically.

I always use this method until now. Because it turns out that our brain have a stronger memory in remembering words, stories, pictures, patterns, and those kind of stuff. All of it are saved in the long-term memory card. I still use the phone keypad pattern in memorizing phone numbers because if I only memorize the usual sequence of numbers, it would be gone in a *poof!*

But sometimes, a long version of memorizing method that was being used in my past experience, like the elements periodic table in chemistry, I’m much better if I chew that table off of the paper. In the first 1A group, my teacher told me that it could be memorized by using this set of words: HaLiNa Kawin, Robi Cs Frustasi. And these sets of words go on until the last group: Herman Nekat Arisan Karena XeRen. It was too much for me because often I got confused and got mixed up with one group and another. Halina kawin sama siapa? Siapa yang frustasi? Apakah Robi atau Herman suami Halina? Halina dan Herman arisan bersamakah? Siapa itu yang keren? Apakah Robi nekat kawain sama Herman? Halina itu golongan apa? Golongan tidak mampu? Atau apa? It was a disaster.

So I ended up memorizing the whole table literally. H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr, Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra, and so on rather than I have to memorize the whole stories of the groups. It was too much. My knee caps couldn’t bear that kind of information. The literal memorizing works much better for me. It could be because of the sound itself is already unique and has its own rhyme so I could tell the table was wrong if the rhyme was off.

So to memorize these words:

Muhammad Ratu Isaac Newton Gua Jesus Christ Raga Buddha Tempat Confucius Terima St. Paul Senam Tsai Lun Baju Johan Gutenburg Balapan Christopher Columbus Cemilan Albert Einstein Sesepuh Louis Pasteur Sebel Galileo Galilei Double Aristotle Timbel Euclid Fabel Moses Mebel Charles Darwin Nambel Shih Huang Ti Bejubel August Caesar Label Copernicus Sambel Laurent Lavoisier Dapul

We could make up a story. Or categorize it by religion, inventor, noun, verb, etc. Or arrange the order alphabetically. Or memorize it by their own background history, based on the timeline. Or maybe just memorize those little bastards of. Simple as that.


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